Course Descriptions

Course Fees for the Little Rock Learning Center.

Course fees for sixteen hours of instruction are $45.00 and student manuals are $15.00.  Parking is conveniently located in front of the Institute on Aging.  Each course described on page two consists of eight two-hour classes, meeting twice a week for four weeks.

How do I Join?
Seniornet is for anyone 50 or over. National SeniorNet is funded by Membership fees, Learning Center assessments, donations by individuals and the generous sponsorship of many companies. Membership in national SeniorNet is not a prerequisite for enrollment at the Little Rock Learning Center, but offers many benefits to those who choose to join. Annual dues for National SeniorNet are $30.00.

Computer Classes for Seniors Age 50+

Fundamentals for Beginners
This is a basic introduction to computers for those who do not have previous experience.
How to turn on the computer, beginning keyboarding, learning finger motions with mouse operations, point and click, minimize, restore and close.  Students get computer hands-on time in using e-mail and an introduction to the Internet.

Introduction to Computers
This is a basic to intermediate computer course for individuals who currently own a computer, and have some basic computer skills. Fundamentals of operation and ways that the computer may be used form the basis of the course. The course includes an overview of Windows, an introduction to word processing, an overview of Internet Explorer, Windows Mail and other activities in preparation for taking additional SeniorNet courses.  The course is offered to individuals as two separate classes depending on the operating system – Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Individuals taking the Windows 8 version must have Windows 8 installed on their home computer.

Microsoft Word (Word Processing)
This course provides basic instruction in word processing utilizing Microsoft Office Word 2010. Objectives include opening, closing, printing and saving documents; spelling and grammar checks; text formatting (font type, font size, font color); bullet and number lists; copying, cutting and pasting text; setting margins; setting tabs; forwarding word documents as attachments and saving word documents as PDF files; inserting WordArt into documents;  and inserting graphics and photos into documents.  In addition to becoming familiar with the basic skills in word processing, applications such as newsletters, flyers, directories, and labels will also be addressed. The student should have completed the Introduction to Computers course, or have equivalent computer skills.

Digital Photography
The Digital Photography Class utilizes Picasa, which is a free photo-editing program from Google.  You will download and install Picasa on your classroom computer.  Picasa will be used to organize, edit and share your digital photos and videos. In class, you will upload your photos from your camera to the computer using Picasa. The editing features will let you enhance your photos, take out red eyes, improve color and crop for printing.  You will learn how to make and play a slide show, create a movie with or without music, make a collage, create a poster, name faces in photos, create a CD and email photos from Picasa.  You will also learn how to upload photos to a Picasa Web Album so that they can be viewed by anyone with a link to the album.

File Management
Learn how to organize files and folders using Windows Explorer.  Hands-on repetitive exercises teach  how to create, move, cut, copy, rename, delete and organize files and folders. File extensions, file association and file properties are also covered.   Word 2010 and earlier versions are applicable.

Print Artist Graphics
Print Artist Software is used in this course. Easy to use and ideal for creating professional looking print projects for home or office. It features a built in Photo Editor, thousands of templates and creative tools for producing greeting cards, brochures, calendars, business cards, t-shirts and much more.

Basic Spreadsheet using Excel
A spreadsheet  is an electronic version of a paper statement that performs calculations automatically. Learn the basic essentials of design and formatting spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2010.  Work with formatting worksheets, moving information, using fill commands, calculating and other functions. This tool can make reporting, listing, and creating statements much easier. Learn how this tool can help you!

Photo Editing
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 is used in this course. It combines power and simplicity so you can easily make your photos look their best. You can make color and tone corrections, work with layers, use filters and effects, remove imperfections, remove and replace people or objects resize your images and import.  You can turn everyday memories into a photomerge panorama, a photo collage and greeting cards. You can also share them in imaginative ways, and easily find and view all your photos and video clips.

Navigating the Internet
The goal of this course is to introduce students to the popular uses of the Internet (World Wide Web) using Internet Explorer, and to provide them with basic skills so that they can use email, send attachments such as photos, and navigate around the Web to search for information of interest to them. A basic knowledge of computers and the fundamentals of operation are required.

Special Workshops

SeniorNet periodically offers special workshops. Workshops include a variety of topics and typically consist of a single one and half hour session. SeniorNet has conducted workshops on the following topics: iPad, iPhone, cloud computing and Windows 8.


In addition to the instructors for the classes, SeniorNet provides one or two coaches for each class to assist anyone that needs a little extra help.